3 Simple Strategies For Maintaining “Living” Roadmaps

Jeff Bezos said “Be stubborn on the vision, flexible on the details” (Photo: Matt Howard)

A product manager’s perspective, but useful for all

“Don’t Get A Job…Make A Job” (Photo by Photo by Charles Deluvio)

Just establish this one thing.

Product management essentials — laptop, notebook, pen, mobile phone, headphones & more (Photo by Matthew Kwong)

4 principles to accelerate this shift

When rowing, you can’t win the race alone. (Photo by Josh Calabrese)

The smart speaker dilemma

Two green macaws (Photo by Tejasvi)

The Eye-Opener? “Alexa” is making serious behaviour changes in the home that aren’t always a good thing.

Amanda Woo

Obsessed with technology, products & people | Founder of Interesting By Default | Director of Product at Cognizant

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