Eat Healthier By Becoming A Modern “City Farmer”

And save money on your food bills

Fresh herbs: Sage, rosemary, parsley, basil, thyme (Photo by Photo by Matt)

“Only 2% of the population produces food for the world to consume.”

“70% say purchase decisions are affected by how food is grown and raised”

What is a “city farmer”

My patio garden

Why become a “city farmer”

Unedited photo of an organic cherry tomato plant on my patio
Homemade organic sourdough bread (50% wholewheat, 50% unbleached white) by Marko

Cost of plants

Cost in the grocery store per month

Adopt a healthier way

Tobias’s rooftop garden in Berlin

The need for real food

“those who frequently participate in everyday, creative projects like cooking lead happier lives.”

10 simple produce to get started:

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