Interesting perspective. Thanks for sharing. I can understand the frustration. What is interesting I that history seems to repeat itself but rotates on different types of job roles. For example, user experience about 4 years ago had the spotlight shining on it. Not too far before that DevOps was the fad.

To your point about people thinking data scientists can answer any question data related, it concerns me that this gives the “non-data specialist" people a reason to stop thinking in this department which is dangerous. For example, I believe any member, including business stakeholders, developing technology products should be thinking about the questions they’d like answered in relation to the product. From the stakeholder’s perspective, it might be what return will this improvement generate? From a user experience perspective, it might be does the user use the feature(s) as we expect them to? If not why? And the list goes on. These questions are crucial not only to the individual roles, but to the organisation as a whole since the product’s viability depends on it.

If we cannot define what we want to measure, we cannot measure it. If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.

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