Thanks Justin James for sharing your thoughts.

I hear what you’re saying and I can say I’ve had some of those experiences too. I think they key there is to have a conversation about the common business goal (something that everyone should be in sync with, not to be confused with agreeing with) and that is the deliver of a specific benefit or value to the end consumer. I’m not saying that there are not problem with working with executives but the real success is when we can strike up a conversation in a way that gets their attention. The way we ask questions is also the difference between getting their attention and a good answer vs. getting a “not so useful” response. I believe this is the difference between those in the organisation who “know their s**t” as opposed to those who will just keep brute forcing and are ignorant to the true business goals.

Obsessed with technology, products & people | Founder of Interesting By Default | Director of Product at Cognizant

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